beaconhillSteven has worked with politicians at all levels– from candidates for state legislatures to sitting U.S. senators. Whether writing laws, speeches, or press releases, Steven’s deep knowledge of politics, economics, and public opinion ensure that the right message reach the right audience.

On Beacon Hill Steven worked for the Massachusetts State Senate researching policy, attending committee hearings, drafting legislation, and writing floor speeches.  He supported State Senator Bob Hedlund and his staff in preparing for interviews, composing press releases, and with media relations.

Prior to his legislative roles, Steven performed constituent service work for MA’s U.S. Senator, Scott Brown.  In this position, he served as the liaison between citizens and federal agencies, reaching out to people who had fallen through the cracks of the bureaucracy.  Steven traveled across the state meeting with constituents and helping them navigate the federal government, particularly with regard to Social Security, the armed services, and anti-discrimination issues.


The demands of political campaigns are extremely varied and prone to rapid evolution.  For Jon Golnik’s race against incumbent U.S. Representative Niki Tsongas, Steven acted not only as a speech writer and policy advisor, but also as opposition researcher, economist, and executive coach working around the clock to offer rapid turnaround in response to national events, local developments, and the campaign’s day-to-day needs.


A world in which executives and public figures have all the time they need to brainstorm, draft, and revise their words to perfection would have no need for speechwriters or ghostwriters. Unfortunately, we aren’t nearly so lucky.

As a speechwriter, Steven works with CEOs, politicians, and anyone in need of a little extra eloquence to conceive and write the speech they would have written themselves if they only had a month or two to devote to its crafting.

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and lightning; Steven can help you put together the speech, presentation, or talking points you need to electrify your audience.

Policy Analysis

A graduate of Princeton University’s Program in Political Economy, Steven is able to analyze policy proposals, identify flaws in legislation, and propose alternate solutions.