beaconhillSuccessful communications begin with knowing your audience and knowing what thoughts and impressions you want them to take away.

Executive communications

All leadership comes through communication, but few leaders receive formal instruction to be great communicators. For Massachusetts businessman Jon Golnik’s Congressional campaign, Steven worked with the candidate to improve his public speaking performance in debates to an extent that newspapers wrote about the marked improvement in his debate performances over just a few weeks. Outside of politics there are plenty of instances in which executive communication makes a difference; addresses to shareholders, pitches to VCs, and even internal presentations benefit from clear, concise, and memorable delivery. As a speechwriter, Steven can assist with both the substance and style of any presentation.

Media Relations

An effective media relations strategy is more than sending out press releases– it requires building relationships with the media by anticipating journalists’ needs and making your organization their first stop for information and access. News moves fast, and Steven helped both Senator Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate office and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign track and respond to media developments in realtime via custom-built software. At the Massachusetts State House, Steven wrote talking points for interviews, press releases, and contingency communications plans that were used in crisis communication situations.

Public Relations

As Nickerson PR’s Manager of Politics and Community Relations, Steven has worked with real estate and technology companies throughout the Greater Boston area to raise their profiles, win positive press, and manages crises.