Programming Projects

QuotemasherNatural language processing

  • Java implementation of textual Markov models to combine 2+ speakers styles and language.  Generated soundbites and quotes while working as speechwriter to a 2012 U.S. congressional campaign.  Online text generator

Grapevine Cryptography & social networking

  • Invented a novel cryptographic secret-sharing algorithm to launch a dating website at Princeton University, Valentines Day 2011.  Media coverage

News tracker – Webscraping & news tracking

  • Used Python to implement a high-frequency webscraping program to monitor 50+ news sites for new stories every 15 seconds for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign’s rapid-response communications team (previously took human interns 2-5 minutes.)  Developed from conception to functioning prototype in 8 hours.

Countdown to Reunions – Viral marketing

  • Developed “advent calendar”-type site to promote Princeton’s 2012 Reunions.  Went viral in 12 hours, reaching 8,000 alumni in first day.  Maintained >1000 unique visitors/day through entire month leading to reunions. Media Coverage

TigerPackGeolocation & ad-hoc social networks

  • Ad-hoc social networking site created to help Princeton alumni coordinate and locate each other in realtime at Reunions 2013.  Built on Python and GAE in 3 days, served 2,000 users between ages of 18 and 76 and improved communications speeds from O(n^2) to O(1). Media Coverage

TigerPack 2 Geolocation & ad-hoc social networks

  • (Under development) – General, public version of TigerPack.  Combines GPS tracking a la Google Latitude with ad-hoc social networking to let users coordinate at concerts, in cities, while hiking/skiing, or at networking events– all while maintaining unparalleled control of privacy.

Speed of Sound ­­– Geolocation & entertainment

  • (Under development) – iOS app chooses your music to correspond to the speed you’re driving at and location you’re passing.  No more adagios on the freeway; no more killer guitar solos mocking you in gridlock!